Financial Advisors Vs Financial Planner

A financial adviser or financial planner is a professional that offers financial advice to clients according to their current financial circumstances. In most countries, financial advisers are required to complete certain educational training and obtain registration with a governing body in order to offer financial advice. Most advisers are registered brokers and are responsible for providing a wide range of financial advisory services such as investment advice and asset allocation. Some advisers specialize in a particular area of financial advising such as savings, retirement, and market investment.

Financial Advisors

Financial advisers can be employed by individuals, companies, pension funds, and insurance companies. The most common way to find a qualified financial advisor or planner is to use a comprehensive search tool on the Internet. There are dozens of websites that feature a comprehensive list of qualified financial advisors and all you have to do to find one that interests you is enter your desired name in the appropriate search box. Financial products offered by these professionals vary and include general advice on investing, setting financial objectives, identifying specific investments, creating a retirement plan, purchasing real estate, and more.

All US states require financial advisors to be licensed and meet stringent licensing requirements. In Canada, there is no regulatory requirement for financial advisors, although Canadian law does impose some duties on registered brokers and solicitors. In order to protect your investment, you should work with an experienced and accredited professional who is properly registered with your provincial securities commission. Financial advisers can help you achieve your financial goals, but you need to be sure you choose a seasoned and qualified professional with expertise in the specific investments you need to make.