Investing: Defined Terms and Concepts

Investing is a term that many individuals are unfamiliar with. When asked what investing means most people immediately think of buying something for a particular purpose such as a new car or home. The reality of investing is much more complex than that. To better understand what investing is not, it is important to look at the definition of this word and how it is used in today’s society.

Investing essentially is to put money into an investment with the hopes of receiving a specific return/value in the near future. Simply put, to invest simply means possessing an asset or an object with the primary goal of generation of income through the appreciation or increase of that asset’s value over a defined period of time. It is a way of making money and a major part of how humans make money these days, so it goes without saying that the stock market is considered investing.

With the advent of online trading, investing can be done in a variety of ways. One of the best ways of investing is by using an online discount broker who offers low-risk investments with high-reward potential for aggressive investors. The stock market, however, is one of the best ways of investing for investors of all experience levels since it is a virtually risk free venture that offers high yield on stocks coupled with competitive prices. Many individuals purchase stock purely for the purpose of making money. Since the stock market is volatile and risky, it is often said that “buy low and sell high” is one of the most popular and profitable strategies.