Investing – What is it and Why Do People Like It?

Investing refers to the purchase of an asset with the intention of either earning a return on the initial investment or a profit on the sale of an asset. There are many different ways of investing and choosing the correct one can be a difficult task. Some people choose to invest in shares, bonds, futures, options, property, financial instruments and so forth. The objective of every investment is for the owner to earn a profit. Therefore, if you want to earn a return on your savings, you should probably invest in shares with the aim of making money through your investments.


The term ‘investing’ is used broadly to describe any situation where there is a borrowing or lending of money by a party and the proceeds are used to buy an asset and earn a profit. To invest simply means putting money in an investment with the intention of getting a return on the capital so that the amount of capital repaid at some future date is equal to the amount borrowed or lent. Therefore, to put money in an investment with the intention of making money from the investment means that you are buying an asset with the intention of increasing the value of your asset over a length of time or an appreciating value of your investment. It is necessary that the return on the invested funds be satisfactory to justify the cost of borrowing or lending. Therefore, in order to find out if the returns on the investments you are putting into the market are satisfactory enough, it is necessary for you to determine the interest rates that are applied to the funds and compare them to the prevailing market interest rates to determine whether your investment stands the chance of appreciating significantly over a reasonably short period of time or not.

Investing for the purpose of gaining higher returns is generally done through the purchase of bonds, stocks, mutual funds and so forth. There are also some people who invest in property for the purpose of growing the equity value of their home. There are some people who use real estate investing to create rental properties by renting out apartments to meet the needs and requirements of their customers. It is essential that before you begin to invest in the financial markets you first do your research work and find out as much as you can about the subject and the market. This would help you make a well informed decision about whether the subject is something you would like to get involved in.