What is Trading Nation?

Trading Nation is an online stock trading community where members can develop their own strategies to earn money from their investments. Members get access to a large number of information resources, free newsletters, trading tips and videos. Traded items include indices, news and events calendars, world markets, commodities, shares, options, ETF’s and more. Trading Nation is different from other stock trading communities in that it focuses on long-term investment strategies rather than day-today trading. Other benefits of the site include a chat forum, blog archive, free charts, free newsletters and articles, and share trading.

Trading Nation

As a member of Trading Nation, one has the option of either signing up for an actual account or for a free trial account. During the free trial period, members are allowed to make trades with virtual money. With a full account, users can enter real transactions and make profits from their investments. The membership costs are nominal compared to the benefits.

At Trading Nation, members are encouraged to seek out expert advice on what stocks or options to buy and sell. The Trading Nation team of experts provide a continuous source of information and guidance to members on all aspects of trading. They also have an extensive library of videos, demonstrating real-life trading scenarios and helping traders develop proven strategies. Trading Nation also offers free advice sections, where members can obtain help understanding complex concepts such as stop losses and other important trading measures. For novice traders, there is an instructional video section, where members can learn the basics of stock trading by watching a step-by-step tutorial.